New Writing Group

Last night I attending the first meeting of a new writing group in my area. As the picture might indicate, not very successful. Besides myself, it was only the leader of the group that showed up.

To be fair, this was the first meeting of the year for this group, and they had just recently went through a change in leadership, so there may have been some scheduling miscommunication.  The next meeting is in a month and I will go back just as optimistic as I was this time.

The good news is that the young lady that is taking charge of the group sounded very enthusiastic about putting together a writer’s group that will provide the support I’m looking for. She had some good ideas and was open to suggestions. I hope others show up next month so I can see her plans unfold.

Do you any of you belong to a writer’s group? Online or in person? What are you thoughts on being a member of either?

Until next time…


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