Discover New Books

Today I got my email from, that I get everyday, and it made me wonder how people find new books to read. Word of mouth is the best, since you know if you trust the opinion of the mouth passing the word on or not, but how else do you find literary treasures?

For ebook readers there is no shortage of free and discount ebook mailing lists. One of the most popular is BookBub, there are others like 100 Free Books, Free Booksy, Book Gorilla, or Daily Free Books. I’ve not used all of these. My favorite is Book Sends.

With that said, I now have a library of ebooks that would take me ten life times to read through, and more being added daily. How do I know which to read?

By the luck of the draw I’ve found some gems through these types of lists. “Breakers” by Edward W. Robertson or the Far From Home series by Tony Healey.

How do you find books?


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