To Stand Alone, Or To Be A Series?

Recently I looked at reading a new series and when I realized the author was still writing it I put it on my TBR shelf and looked for another series to start. After reading the first five books of a Song of Ice and Fire, then waiting years for book six which still hasn’t come out, I’ve become gun shy of starting a long series that is still in progress. Is that fair to the author though?

As a writer that has plans to publish a series, will it hurt me to number the first book as book one in the series? Would it make a reader feel lied to after reading a book to find out a series is coming?

It’s interesting how I look at books differently ever since I began writing. I read differently. I browse differently. I’ve notice how important a good cover is.

So, the question I would like to put out there for readers and writers is this.

Readers: How do you feel about starting a series on book one not knowing when book two is coming out? If the author gave you a due date, does that increase the chance you would buy it? If you finish a book and are then told it is book one of a series, what is your reaction?

Writers: Do you number book one in a series even before book two is written? If you have published a series, did you find sales of earlier books increase with each new book or do sales of books in a series generally slope down as the series goes along?

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One thought on “To Stand Alone, Or To Be A Series?

  1. my fear about books in the series is to read a book and after that finding out that it’s not the first one, won’t happen anymore thanks to Goodreads. 🙂 But a bit more complicated thing is when different series by the title are connected and happen in the same world/universe, and then to know in which order to read them if it matters
    Of course it’s better to know approximately at least when the next book is coming out

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