Inspired To Write By Music

There are certain songs that tell stories. When I listen to them I get this idea to write a story based on the story in the song.

For an example. Lynard Skynard “Simple Man”. That song inspires the story of a young man trying to do the best he can, but mistakes have been made. He returns to his childhood home years after his mother has passed and he remembers the advice she gave him. Those memories help him get things straightened out.

Skid Row “18 and Life”. To tell the story of Johnny. Mishandling a gun leads to the death of a friend and this other wise innocent kid has to survive jail with his innocence in tact.

Steve Miller Band “Take The Money and Run”. Eddie Money “Two Tickets to Paradise”. Metallica “Wherever I May Rome”. All tell parts of  story and make me want to tell the details of each of them.

Maybe it’s because I grew up when Mtv actually played music videos. Those videos were like 3-5 minute movies. Maybe one day I’ll give in and tell the story of my favorite song.

Until next time…


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