Wattpad, giving it a try.

Sorry I’v been missing for a couple of days. I’m working hard on putting the finishing touches on “The Stone of Tyfen” part 2 to post this Saturday. I’ve also decided to update some of my programming skills by adding Android app development, JavaScript, and brushing up on Java.

I’ve decided to make some changes around here.  First, I found posting daily was not working for me. It was actually cutting into my writing time and I was posting very bland stuff. I want to make sure my posts are quality and for a reason. I’m going to cut back to an average of two a week, or eight a month.

The other change I am making is posting my stories to wattpad. For those not familiar with wattpad, it is a social platform for readers and writers. Sounds like a lot of fun. It’s been recommended to me several time. I tried it once before, but didn’t get hooked. I think were I am now with my writing that it will fit my publishing plan.

With that said, I’m moving my “The Stone of Tyfen” story to wattpad. I will still post here each month, but I’ll direct you over to wattpad to read it. I hope you don’t mind the change.

Well, that’s the recap. Happy writing every and…

Until next time…


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