Zeroglyph by Vance Pravat


First, I would like to stand and applaud Vance Pravat. Zeroglyph is an incredible, timely, and thought-provoking story. He takes the technology from the news headlines and places it in a very realistic story for us to experience.

Zeroglyph keeps you guessing as the story’s mystery unfolds. The characters are all different, with separate motivations, and each plays an important role. It’s funny that a book about AI contains characters in written word that feel so real.

Vance Pravat does readers a favor to separate out the deep philosophical discussions as transcripts, but don’t ignore these. I’m glad I read them inline with the story. It provided a context for the actions of the characters involved. You get to know them better through those transcripts.

I would recommend this book, actually I have recommended it to friends and family, but also to anyone looking for a solid technology based thriller mystery.

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