Titanborn by Rhett C. Bruno

Book 1 of the Children Of Titan Series

Titanborn is the first book in a four book science fiction series. It follows the struggles between humans of Earth and our cousins on Saturn’s moon of Titan that have been separated from us for hundreds of years.

Rhett C. Bruno has done a masterful job of creating a future world full of history and culture. The people of Titan, known as Ringers, have had three hundred years of progress without Earthbound humans, and have developed their own civilization. When these civilizations collide the action begins.

The story in Titanborn is told from the viewpoint of Malcolm Graves, an aged collector whose job it that of an enforcer for a megacorporation with business on Titan. Malcolm has a deep history that is revealed through flashbacks and encounters throughout the book. You get a real sense of who Malcolm is.

Much like Malcolm, Bruno’s world is vast and is presented to the reader as it applies to the story. The more books in the series you read the more you learn about the people and places and you are drawn in as if it were your own history.

The Audiobook narrator is R.C. Bray. His deep, gravelly voice lends itself to adding a gritty atmosphere to the story. R.C. does a wonderful performance when giving different tones and speaking styles to different characters. You often know who is speaking before you are told. R.C.’s pacing is slow and precise. He speaks clearly and you can understand every word.

Available on KindleUnlimited and Audible Audiobooks

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