Fight The Good Fight by Daniel Gibbs

“Military Science Fiction with heart and soul”

Fight the Good Fight is a military science fiction story on the surface. You quickly learn this is a deeper human story at its heart. Daniel Gibbs takes you to the front lines of an intergalactic war, while showing you the personal side of the men and women fighting it.

David Cohen is an Orthodox Jew that despises killing and is placed in charge of a space battleship. That is the personal internal conflict the characters of this story have to deal with.

If Tom Clancy wrote military science fiction, this is what it would read like. The operation of the starships reads like you are on the bridge of a modern battleship during combat. Very detailed, realistic, and puts you in the middle of the action. Unlike most MSF these battles unfold slowly and with a purpose. I kept turning the pages to see what happened next.

Fans of Battlestar Galactica, Tom Clancy, or Jay Allen will find much to enjoy in this book. Future books in the series are just as good and keep introducing interesting original takes on the genre, make sure to keep reading.

Jeffrey Kafer narrates the audiobook. His even tone adds the right amount of emotion to captivate you while listening. The cast of characters come from many nationalities and Jeffrey does a great job of adding accents to represent them, without making it cartoonish.

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