Hello World!

Book reviews are important for writers and readers. Since I am both, this blog will be my place to post reviews of the books I’ve read hoping other authors will appreciate the feedback.

For fiction, I read just about anything, but mostly Science Fiction and Fantasy. I have enjoyed some YA Dystopians, Horror, and Crime Thrillers, so you never know what you’ll find here.

I also read a lot of Non-Fiction. Mostly about the craft and business of writing, but also self-improvement books.

I’ve read a lot of books in the past that I will share here, but mostly I will post reviews of my current reads. This will include audiobooks, my favorite way of ingesting good stories. If you are an author, that would like me to review your book, drop a comment here or email me at author@mikecoville.com.

Last, if you have not visited my author website please do. While you are there sign up for my insider updates as that is my monthly email I send out letting readers know about my book releases and other news.

2020 will be an amazing year and I look forward to reading some incredible stories.