Request A Review

Would you like me to read and review your book? I would be honored to. I enjoy reading just about any kind of story, but prefer Science Fiction or Fantasy. Zombies, YA Dystopian, Horror are also welcome. Sorry, but I’m not much in to romance books. If you have a non-fiction book you want reviewed, I like self-improvement, biographies, or ancient history.

I accept epub or mobi format ebooks, audiobooks are welcome, or you can send me a classic paper book if you would like (email me for address). Send ebooks or address request to

When I receive a request, I’ll give you a time frame for posting a review. Not only will I post a review here, but I will also post it on Amazon, and I have over 2k twitter followers.

If you are interested in reviewing one of my books send me an email with preferred ebook format. I appreciate any feedback I can get.