Are you on Tsu?

Hope everyone is doing well. My apologies for not updating my blog in a while. I have discovered a new social media outlet that I’m enjoying called Tsu. There is a large community of writers and readers, and people of every interest you can think of. The platform is not as commercial as Facebook, and they don’t alter what you see with any kind of algorithm.


If you are on Tsu already, stop by my page at and send me a friend request. If you are not on Tsu.. why not? Click on my profile link and sign up. It’s completely free.

Tsu does have an interesting unique feature where they are sharing their revenue with content creators. The more you post, share, and like content, they pay you. Some people have made hundreds of dollars, so far I have made hundreds of pennies. I’m not on Tsu for the money, but it’s a cool feature to check out.

Well, I hope your writing is going well, and that you’re enjoying the start of 2015. Stop over to Tsu and let me know how you are.

Until next time…